Our Products

Heating and cooling products

Explore heating and cooling indoor and outdoor units you can pair together to create the ideal HVAC system for your home

Air conditioners

Stay cool and comfortable when the weather gets hot


Keep cozy with furnaces that use gas or oil to heat your home

Heat pumps

Heat and cool your home with this versatile system powered by electricity

Air handlers

Pair these with your AC or heat pumps to circulate warm or cool air all throughout your home

Comfort™ coil

Experience year-round comfort and efficiency with coils that are built to stand the test of time.


Adjust how your home feels with thermostats that communicate directly with your system.

Smart thermostats

Connect to WiFi to manage your comfort preferences

Traditional thermostats

Choose how your system heats and cools your space with simple controls

Packaged systems

Simplify your comfort with all-in-one HVAC systems that bundle heating and cooling components in a single box. Unlike split systems, these systems only use one outdoor unit and work best in mobile and modular homes or homes without basements or attics.

Gas & electric packaged

Create optimal comfort with an air conditioner and furnace bundled in one box

Heat pump packaged

Heat and cool your home with an energy-efficient, all-in-one solution

Air conditioner packaged

Cover your home comfort needs with this all-in-one system that heats and cools

Ductless systems (mini-split)

Control comfort across your entire home or in a single room with these energy-efficient systems that heat or cool without ductwork.

Single-zone ductless

Manage temperature in just one room without using ductwork

Multi-zone ductless

Heat or cool multiple rooms or your entire home without using ductwork

Indoor Air Quality

Make your indoor air better to breathe, so you can stay healthier and limit your exposure to certain viruses, pollutants, and particles.

Air purification

Explore an array of solutions designed to rid your home’s air of contaminants