Smart Thermostats

5-star Smart Thermostat Brand in America’s Most Trusted Study 4 Years in a Row*

Achieve simple, precise temperature control from virtually anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Smart thermostats can help conserve energy and reduce your energy costs.

What to look for: cooling speeds and heating speed

Work smarter, not harder

Control your home’s temperature no matter where you are with a smart thermostat. Pre-set a comfort schedule or adjust the temperature from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Trane® LINK UX360

Take your comfort into your hands with a smart thermostat that utilizes Trane Link Connectivity and a system controller.

ComfortLink® II XL850 Thermostat

Program up to four temperature schedules for all-day comfort.

ComfortLink® II XL1050 Thermostat

Combine zoning and smart technology for more efficient comfort.

XL824 Thermostat

Control your home temperature and two indoor air quality products at one time.

XR724 Thermostat

Program this touchscreen thermostat to fit your lifestyle and reduce energy use.