Single-Zone Ductless Systems

Manage temperature in just one room without using ductwork. These ductless mini-split units are easy to install and can lower energy bills over time.

What to look for: Energy efficiency, rebates, and unit location

Single-Zone Cassette

These mini-split units are mounted flush with the ceiling.

Single-Zone Four Way Ceiling Cassette – CKS

Sold in USA only
Distribute comfort to every part of your room with this ceiling recessed unit.

Single-Zone Floor Mounted

These slim mini-split HVAC units can be mounted on the floor.

Floor Mounted – FKS

Sold in USA only
Raise or lower the room’s temperature with an unobtrusive, efficient floor unit.

Single-Zone Heat Pump for Floor Mount

Sold in USA only
Experience near-instant warmth in the winter and chilled air in the summer, with this mini-split heat pump.

Single-Zone High Wall Mounted

These mini-split units are mounted high on an interior wall.

Standard Wall Mount Cooling Only

Sold in USA only
Save energy while staying cool with this highly efficient air conditioner system.

Standard Wall Mount ST

Sold in USA only
Get sleek comfort control with this slim, wall mounted mini-split heat pump.

Deluxe Wall Mount PH

Sold in USA only
Gain maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only the room in use.

18 SEER Wall Mount – ML

Sold in USA only
Save energy and reduce costs with this high-efficiency wall unit.

Wall Mount – EL

Sold in USA only
Enjoy heating and cooling flexibility with this wall mounted mini-split system.

115V Wall Mount MT

Sold in USA only
Mount on the wall for an inconspicuous, high-efficiency, heating and cooling experience.

Single-Zone Outdoor

These ductless mini-splits go outside the home.

Single-Zone Cooling Only ST

Sold in USA only
Experience expert cooling with this high-efficiency unit.

Single-Zone Heat Pump ML

Sold in USA only
Install this mini-split heat pump without major construction and remodeling.

Single-Zone Heat Pump PH

Sold in USA only
Rest easy knowing your unit will turn back on after any power outages.

Single-Zone Heat Pump ST

Sold in USA only
Experience lasting comfort with a mini-split heat pump that continually adjusts speeds to your desired temperature.

Single-Zone Heat Pump EL

Sold in USA only
This single-zone ductless system allows you to find the best temperature for one room or space in your home.

115V Single-Zone MT

Sold in USA only
Maximize energy savings and efficiency with this mini-split HVAC ductless system.

Single-Zone Ducted Air Handler

These mini-split units go in a utility closet inside the house or a well-sealed equipment room in the garage.

Multi-Position Air Handler AMT

Sold in USA only
Bring home an ideal comfort solution with efficient cooling and heating capabilities.

Single-Zone Horizontal Ducted

These mini-split heating and cooling units can be hidden in the ceiling or beneath the floor.

Horizontal Ducted – DKS

Sold in USA only
Keep your office or bedroom comfortable with this discreet, energy-efficient mini-split heat pump.

Horizontal Ducted – TPEAD

Sold in USA only
Enjoy energy-efficient comfort from a mini-split heat pump that hides in your ceiling or beneath your floor.