Heat Pump Packaged Systems

Heat and cool your home with an energy-efficient, all-in-one solution. These all-electric systems help save on energy costs and reduce emissions. Heat pump packaged systems work best for regions with mild winters.

What to look for: Energy efficiency, cost, and heating and cooling stages

Eco-friendly comfort with an all-electric system

Variable systems keep your home at the precise temperature that feels best to you. Your fan can be adjusted to any speed, which helps your system save energy and run more efficiently.

XL15c Heat Pump Packaged System

Come home to comfort with this quiet and efficient packaged system.

XR13.4h Packaged Over/Under Heat Pump

Find comfort with system that fits to your home’s space requirements.

XR13.4c All-in-One Heat Pump Packaged System

Enjoy reliable heating and cooling and powerful airflow all year long.